My first week at CERN as a tech student

I started working as a technical student at CERN from the 1st of September and I thank my stars every single moment for bringing me back here. It is the best place for me to be.

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Install Jekyll on a Windows Machine

Earlier this year I found out about this powerful tool that Jekyll is. On its website it is described as “a simple, blog aware, static site generator”. After studying it a bit and learning about all of its advantages I was sure that I wanted to use it to build my personal website. However, the seemingly simple instructions on the home page of its official website didn’t work for me since I use a Windows machine.

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Hello, World!

I am so happy to begin this journey. I almost can’t believe that you are reading my first blog ever because I didn’t share it on any social media platform (nor am I planning to share my blogs anywhere anytime soon). However, I am glad that you’re reading this. Welcome!

Allow me to introduce you to my blog and tell you what it is about.

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