Random lessons I learnt from the Spider Man

I like Spider man. What’s not to like about him? He may not be batman but he did teach me the following lessons:

  • If you can do great things for people, you have the responsibility to do those things.
  • Anger kills
  • Spider Man is a great superhero but Batman rules.

That’s all folks. See ya’ll next time. CERN’s doing well too. Hopefully next time I’ll write something that makes more sense and something about CERN.


Install Jekyll on a Windows Machine

Earlier this year I found out about this powerful tool that Jekyll is. On its website it is described as “a simple, blog aware, static site generator”. After studying it a bit and learning about all of its advantages I was sure that I wanted to use it to build my personal website. However, the seemingly simple instructions on the home page of its official website didn’t work for me since I use a Windows machine.

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Hello, World!

I am so happy to begin this journey. I almost can’t believe that you are reading my first blog ever because I didn’t share it on any social media platform (nor am I planning to share my blogs anywhere anytime soon). However, I am glad that you’re reading this. Welcome!

Allow me to introduce you to my blog and tell you what it is about.

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