Hello, World!

I am so happy to begin this journey. I almost can’t believe that you are reading my first blog ever because I didn’t share it on any social media platform (nor am I planning to share my blogs anywhere anytime soon). However, I am glad that you’re reading this. Welcome!

Allow me to introduce you to my blog and tell you what it is about.

I am bifurcating this blog into two branches – musings and technology. Figuring out what the ‘technology’ branch will deal with is really a no brainer.

Very often I find myself needing a thorough yet easy explanation for concepts and problems that might seem too simple to others. I know that there are some questions in tech that we are simply too embarrassed (or lazy?) to ask. Therefore, this section is for my self-declared fools. We are no fools.  We just need better explanations and that is what you will come here for.

In the musings sections, I shall share my thoughts on myriads of topics that consume my mind. A really special dream of mine is to work at CERN sometime soon and that is what I’m going after. So, chances are, if you read my blogs you’ll learn a great deal about how that’s coming up for me. Hopefully, this will help you get closer to your big dream.


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