Bio: I am a front-end web developer and I also love data visualisation.

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    1. Hi Shivam! I sure will. I was planning to write a blog on it. Now that you’ve requested it, I’ll make sure I start working on it. Is there something in particular that you want to know?


  1. Hello Dinika,
    Today on 6th of April I received a mail from Cern Openlab 2018 about being selected as an reserved candidate at Cern.That is if any selected student leaves the position then and only then I will be contacted about selection.And the deadline is about end of April 2018.
    What do think are my chances of getting selected ???
    Please reply meearly
    or you can mail me at sbabhulgaonkar522@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Shaswat
      Like I’ve told a lot of people on my blog already, I really do not know the chances a person has of being selected as a Summer student if they’ve been put in the ‘reserved’ category. Sometimes people do opt out of a Summer Internship at CERN but that is quite rare. In short, I’m really sorry. I can’t say for sure what the chances are – i simply don’t have any statistics or data to base my answer on. That said, I hope you do get approved eventually (for this or any other good internship). Let me know, how it goes. Good luck 🙂


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